IBM 02L1336 ATM Uplink Module For 8271
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IBM 02L1336 ATM Uplink Module For 8271 155Mbps FC1330
IBM 02L1336 ATM Uplink Module For 8271 155Mbps FC1330
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 02L1336 is an ATM OC-3C 155Mbps uplink module
  • The 02L1336 installs into 8271 Models 524, 612, 624, 712
  • The 02L1336 is feature code 1330 (FC1330) for 8271 NWay Ethernet LAN Switches
  • The 02L1336 kit includes install manuals
  • Compliance with ATM Forum LANE 1.0, signalling (UNI 3.0 and UNI 3.1), and address registration (ILMI) standards
  • Includes a multi-mode fiber port (SC connector), providing both SONET STS-3c and SDH STM-1 ATM transport modes
  • High performance, switching of traffic from Ethernet and Fast Ethernet to ATM with low latency
  • A large, dedicated, 40,000-cell (2MB) data buffer to minimize data loss during periods of high network utilization
  • Support for up to 16 ELANs, via LANE 1.0 clients (LECs), which map onto configured Ethernet and Fast Ethernet VLANs
  • Resilient link support, for ATM Module
  • Four RMON groups per ELAN/VLAN (statistics, history, alarms, and events)
  • Support for up to 512 Switched Virtual Circuits (SVCs) into the ATM network
  • Support of all relevant MIBs (SONET, ATOM, ATM Forum LAN Emulation Client)
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