IBM 05J4541 Express Hub & Multiplexer
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IBM 05J4541 Express Hub & Multiplexer
IBM 05J4541 Express Hub & Multiplexer
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 05J4541 is an 8-port 5250 Express Hub & Mulitplexer
  • Ports: 8 RJ-45, DB25, Fiber
  • P/N 05J4541 supports the AS/400e WSC Features Including 5250 Express Data Stream and Split Controller Feature
  • Speeds Data From One or Two Different AS/400, System/3X or 5394/5494 Remote Controllers Over a Single Set of Fiber Cabling
  • Supports Up To 56 5250-Type Devices

    The IBM 05J4541 Express Multiplexer, part of the 7299 series, supports all the features of the AS/400 Workstation Controller (WSC), maximizes the throughput to 5250 Express Adapters and supports your legacy 5250-type devices over fiber optic cabling. The IBM 05J4541 Express Multiplexer fills out the 7299 Express Hub product line so that this one product set provides the AS/400, System/3X or 5494 Remote Controller to 5250-type device connection. So whether you are attaching a high speed 5250 Express Adapter browsing graphical Web sites using TCP/IP to an AS/400, or a legacy 3197 Color Display Station providing 'green-screen' access to a System/36, the same 7299 Express Hubs and Express Multiplexers will speed your data over UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or Fiber Optic cabling for you.
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