IBM 09J8882 Cryptographic Adapter
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IBM 09J8882 Cryptographic Adapter Level 5 - New!
IBM 09J8882 Cryptographic Adapter Level 5 - New!
Item# 09J8882
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  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 09J8882 is a Level 5 cryptopgraphic ISA adapter
  • The IBM 09J8882 kit includes motherboard/daughterboard, 1x 23F5634 DB9 terminator, manuals & software
  • 16-bit ISA adapter with 1x DB9 port
  • PRODUCT NOTE: The 09J8882 adapter includes a 3V lithium battery that may have exceeded it's normal shelf life. New batteries installed by IER Computer may delay shipment of your order by up to 1 week - Please contact us for details
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