IBM 2210-1U8 Nways Router
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IBM 2210-1U8 (22101U8) Nways Router - NEW!
IBM 2210-1U8 (22101U8) Nways Router - NEW!
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Product Description

  • New / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 2210-1U8 (22101U8) is an NWays Multiprotocol Router with one Ethernet LAN port, one serial port, and one ISDN BRI port
  • The 2210-1U8 (22101U8) may be configured with a serial port or an ISDN port, or the serial port and a single ISDN B-channel
  • The 2210-1U8 is configured with 4 MB Flash memory and 8 MB of DRAM
  • Provides a "U" ISDN interface (integrated NT-1)
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