IBM 41H7581 ISDN BRI ISA Adapter
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IBM 41H7581 ISDN BRI ISA Adapter - New!
IBM 41H7581 ISDN BRI ISA Adapter - New!
Item# 41H7581
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Product Description

  • New / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 41H7581 is a 16-bit ISA, passive ISDN adapter
  • The 41H7581 is the ISDN adapter card for feature code 3930 (FC3930) and feature code 3932 (FC3932) for the IBM 2217-200 and 2217-300
  • Ports: 1x RJ45
  • The 41H7581 ISDN BRI adapter supports two 64 Kbps data channels (called B channels) and one 16 Kbps control channel (called the D channel). For North America applications, a Network Termination 1 (NT1) must be connected between the ISDN BRI adapter and the ISDN network (NT1 not included)
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