IBM 7299-2EX Hub RJ11
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IBM 7299-2EX-1111 (72992EX1111) Hub RJ11
IBM 7299-2EX-1111 (72992EX1111) Hub RJ11
Item# 7299-2EX-1111
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Product Description

  • New Factory Boxed / 1-Year Warranty
  • The IBM 7299-2EX-1111 (72992EX1111) is a 2-Host Ports Hub
  • The 7299-2EX-1111 supports 14-device ports (RJ11) 5250 type
  • Part of the 7299 family of hubs, the 7299-2EX-1111 supports TCP/IP over Twinax for 5250 Express adapters and Twinax Network Stations
  • The 7299-2EX-1111 contains advanced DC filtering and transient suppression for electrically "noisy" environments
  • LED Indicates 2Mbps Data Rate
  • The 7299-2EX-1111 kit includes manuals
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