Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 UltraSCSI Host Adapter PCI
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Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 UltraSCSI Adapter PCI SE 5V 32-Bit
Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 UltraSCSI Adapter PCI SE 5V 32-Bit
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  • Refurbished / 1-Year Warranty
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 is a BusLogic MultiMaster PCI SCSI controller
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 is a single-ended controller supporting up to 7 SCSI devices
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 supports asynchronous data rates up to 7MBytes/second
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 supports synchronous data rates up to 20MBytes/second
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 is configured with Internal and external 50-pin SCSI connectors
  • 32-bit 5.0V PCI
  • The Mylex (BusLogic) BT948 supports automatic SCSI id assignments, and self-termination of daisy-chained devices
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