IER Computer - Refurbished Syskonnect Adapters

Refurbished Syskonnect For Sale. Thank you for visiting our on-line store offering refurbished Syskonnect products. All refurbished Syskonnect adapters are fully cycle tested by our own technicians and shipped from our warehouse in Iowa (USA). We are proud to offer our own 1-year warranty on every Syskonnect board that we sell. Although most of these offerings are no longer available from Syskonnect, they are still supported by Syskonnect with current drivers, and you can have confidence that they will give you years of service for your critical applications.

- Jim Tucker, President

Syskonnect SK-5521 SK-NET FDDI-UP SAS PCI
Syskonnect SK-5522 SK-NET FDDI-UP DAS PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-5541 SK-NET FDDI-FP SAS PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-5543 SK-NET FDDI-LP SAS PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-5544 SK-NET FDDI-LP DAS PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-5342 SK-NET FDDI FE DAS PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9841 SK-NET GE-LX 64-Bit PCI
Syskonnect SK-9842 SK-NET GE-LX Dual Link
Syskonnect SK-9843-SX (SK9843SX) SK-NET GE-SX
Syskonnect SK-9844 SK-NET GE-SX Dual Link 64-Bit PCI Gigabit
Syskonnect SK-9844-SX (SK9844SX) SK-NET GE-SX Dual Link
Syskonnect SK-9E21D 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit PCIe 1x New! (SK-9E21D)
Syskonnect SK-9822 SK-NET Gigabit GE-T Dual Link 64-Bit PCI 66Mhz
Syskonnect SK-5242 SK-NET FDDI-FM DAS
Syskonnect SK-5241 SK-NET FDDI-FM SAS
Syskonnect SK-9D41 1000Base-SX PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9S22 Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X RJ45 AdapterSyskonnect SK-9E21 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit PCI Express 1X (SK-9E21)
Syskonnect SK-5821 SK-NET FDDI-UP64 PCI (64 Bit) SASSyskonnect SK-5821S SK-NET FDDI-UP64 PCI (64 Bit) SASSyskonnect SK-5843 SK-NET FDDI-LP PCI (64 Bit) SAS
Syskonnect SK-5843S SK-NET FDDI-LP64 PCI (64 Bit) SASSyskonnect SK-5844 SK-NET FDDI-LP PCI (64 Bit) DASSyskonnect SK-5844S SK-NET FDDI-LP PCI (64 Bit) DAS
Syskonnect SK-5822 SK-NET FDDI-UP64 PCI (64 Bit) DASSyskonnect SK-5822S SK-NET FDDI-UP64 PCI (64 Bit) DASSyskonnect SK-9E22 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe RJ45 Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9821 V1.0 (SK9821) Gigabit Ethernet PCI
Syskonnect SK-9821 V2.0 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet PCISyskonnect SK-9843 Ver 1 SK-NET GE-SX PCI SC Gigabit Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9843 Ver 2 SK-NET GE-SX PCI SC Gigabit Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9S21 (SK9S21) 10/100/1000BaseT PCI Adapter
Syskonnect SK-9S82 (SK9S82) 1000Base-SX Dual Port Server Adapter